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Silkflex Polymers Sdn Bhd was formed 20 years ago to develop and manufacture environment friendly coatings that are unique to the world. We envisioned our company to eventually design, formulate and produce water-based and eco friendly coatings for all major industries in order to breach the gap between technology and application; where innovative products are developed to supersede and improve upon oil-based technologies.


Dr. Eric Tan Hock Lye
Managing Director
Mr. Thian Own Chin


Silkflex Polymers Sdn Bhd was founded by two established scientists in the polymer/coating industry;

Dr. Eric Tan Hock Lye (Ph.D. Chemistry)

An internationally well published and multiple patent holder member of the American Chemical Society. Well recognized worldwide in the fields of polymer and coating chemistry.

Mr. Thian Own Chin (B.Sc. Chemistry)

Highly experienced and former consultant to international coating companies. Developed and formulated paints which are best sellers worldwide.

Mile Stones in Research & Development

  1. Replacement of traditional toxic cross linking mechanism of textile inks with a new eco friendly system which provides zero discharge of hazardous chemicals
  2. Unique core/shell polymer technology for the softest handfeel and extremely elastic textile print without tack
  3. Hydrophobic engineering on the ink formulation to provide excellent water resistance with outstanding wash and rub fastness

The requirements for a sustainable world involves the realization of real world technologies which are independent of traditional oil-based technologies that are normally toxic. These solutions must not be merely theoretical in nature but should be applicable in the form of tangible products. Silkflex provides the bridge between theory and application where chemistries are developed and tailor-made to provide actual solutions to the replacement of harmful chemicals.


Premium Rubber White/Clear Gloss - Extremely soft and elastic glossy textile ink
Premium Rubber White/Clear ST - Extremely soft and elastic satin finish textile ink
Premium Rubber White/Clear Super Matt - Extremely soft and elastic matt textile ink
Premium Rubber White/Clear XM - Extremely soft and elastic extra matt textile ink

Aquadis White/Clear - Eco-friendly formaldehyde-free single pack textile inks for discharge effect
Aquadis CMYK - Ready made eco-friendly formaldehyde-free single pack textile inks for processed colour discharge effect

Elastisol White/Clear XM (I) - Extremely soft and elastic water-based inks for high resolution textile print
Elastisol White/Clear S.Matt - Extremely soft and elastic water-based inks for high resolution textile print
Elastisol High Density - Extremely soft and elastic water-based inks for high density print
Elastisol CMYK - Ready made extremely soft and elastic water-based inks for high resolution processed colour textile print

Aquanylon White/Clear - Stone/enzyme wash resistant inks for nylon and jeans fabric

Printing Paste - Eco friendly high quality printing paste
Premium White Paste - Extremely soft and elastic white ink for all-over print
Una White - Brilliant white pigment dispersion
Binder K4 - Eco-friendly elastic binder

Glitter Paste - Highly transparent and soft gel for glitter print
Silicon White/Clear - High-gloss water-based silicone-like inks
High Density White/Clear - Eco-friendly and soft feel inks for high density print
Emboss - Highly concentrated and non tacky puff ink
Foil Glue - Highly durable and soft glue for foil transfer
Flock Glue - Highly durable and soft glue for sprinkle/transfer flock print
Transfer Glue - Printable heat sensitive glue for transfer print
Aquacrack White/Clear - Highly durable and soft auto-crack inks
Gloss Gel - Highly transparent ink to improve gloss
Metallic - Water-based silver ink with high brilliance
Foil Top - Printable clear ink for foil effect
Glow-In-The-Dark - Soft feel effluorescent textile ink

Nylon Oxal (Part B) - Eco-friendly formaldehyde-free adhesion promoter
Flock Fixer - Eco-friendly crosslinker to improve toughness and durability
Crosslinker 73 - Eco-friendly crosslinker for glossy inks

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Sales & Marketing

Textile Inks : World's largest producer of premium textile rubber inks at 6,000MT per annum.
Customers : All major brands of apparel like H&M, Zara, Puma, C&A, Nike, S'Oliver, Victoria's Secret, GAP, G-Star, Adidas, Disney etc.

Sales agents:

China - Lan Xi Jiaa He Trading Co, Pvt Ltd.
Hong Kong - South China String Company
Myanmar - Champion Printing MFG Co., Ltd.
Thailand - Novic International Co. Ltd.
Vietnam - Aquasol Co. Ltd.
Bangladesh - Silkflex Bangladesh Ltd.
Europe - Sun Chemical
Sri Lanka - Haycolour Pvt. Ltd
South Korea - Fine Tree Co. Ltd.
Pakistan - Textind Trade International
India - Silkflex India Pvt. Ltd.
Syria - ROUAA Co.
South Africa - Chemosol Pty. Ltd.
Cambodia - Colourtex (Cambodia) Ltd.
India - Silkflex Polymers (India) PVT LTD
Vietnam - Silkflex Vietnam Company Limited
Thailand - Thai Kiwa Chemicals Co.,LTD
Malaysia - Argol Chemicals Sdn Bhd

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